Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Further Printing - "Exposed" Block Print

Well, after some challenges yesterday, the challenges continued this morning. I received some excellent direction from fellow printmakers with much more experience than I on Wet Canvas. Taking some of those suggestions on, I did manage some better success this afternoon after switching to Faust AquaLine water-soluble inks, still on the kitakata paper. I don't know why. They are more transparent (as discussed with Becky Heimann on Inkteraction), which makes building up darks somewhat more of a challenge. But, the print seemed to go better, and although I did get some "push", it wasn't as bad as with the Daniel Smith inks seemed to get.

Some details:

Anyway, a printmaking friend of mine who's seen my press sent me extremely detailed instructions to set the roller height from scratch, so I shall print those off and give that a go. I've never used an etching press, so I desperately needed these!

Next I'll try a blue black on white paper. The paper will be heavier, so overall the result will be different.


Dean Russell Thompson said...

It's a great image Aime!

Katka said...

I think this is looking pretty great, regardless of what issues you think there may be.

Unknown said...

Thanks Katka - yes, it does look pretty good, but it wouldn't likely stand up in printmaking competition situation, which is what I'm aiming for with it. I have noticed they can be quite critical about technique, generally.

Tracey said...

wow very very cool. Now I see how all your ocean trips connect. Look very intricate. I just got some new Daniel Smith paints so I feel your frustration :) They are sooo beautiful but then I make mud with them, hmm ;) Will you be doing these prints in color as well? It would be cool to see a wash of color overtop of the ink maybe not for the competition but just for fun :)