Sunday, February 15, 2009

Figure Show - Federation of Canadian Artists

March 2 - 15, 2009 at the Federation Gallery, 1241 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver. My two submitted pieces were accepted:

Being Shod, by Amie Roman, AFCA
Technique: reduction cut relief print
Media: Daniel Smith w/s relief ink
(yellow ochre, burnt umber, phthalo blue, Mars black) on cream Rising Stonehenge
Dimensions: approximately 9"x7"
Edition: 6
Year: 2009

Vantage Point by Amie Roman, AFCA
Technique: relief print
Media: Daniel Smith w/s relief ink
(mix of Mars black and phthalo blue) on white Rising Stonehenge
Dimensions: approximately 6"x4"
Edition: 10
Year: 2009


Marcy said...

Congratulations! They're both gorgeous!

sweet.annie.jeanne said...

Hi Amie,

After reading some older posts. I have decided to switch to Daniel Smith water solubles. I currently use oil. You Switched a while back. After using them for some time do you have any more to say about them?
Do you still prefer them?
thanks annie

Unknown said...

Thanks Marcy!

Annie - thanks for your comment. Yes, I'm still happy with the Daniel Smith water soluble, although they do have their limitations. I can't use oil-based, and even the DS W/S have pretty strong odour. I can't seem to get away from it with any of the inks I've used, so I just try to ventilate.

As far as performance goes, they roll up nicely, print well, the prints dry fairly quickly (although that can be significantly dependent on environmental factors, I'm told), stay open quite well (although not really comparably to oil based, of course), clean up easily, and have a pretty good range of colours (again, not as good as oil, though). They work really well for what I need, but I know that some people who've switched from oil are disappointed.

Many printmakers really like the Akua inks for printmaking; personally, I didn't really like them at all, but that was a preference.

Good luck on the hunt! It's worth getting a couple of tubes of colours to try to see if they'll work for you. If not, I'm sure other printmakers will be happy to buy them off you!!