Sunday, February 15, 2009

Actually Working

Believe it or not, I have actually been working in the studio. I'm carving the block for the large block print for the Oceans of Art exhibition. It's taking a lot of carving though. I also did a little sketching today (shock!) but haven't scanned my sketches. I wanted to try to do the sketches as an interpretation of a feeling, rather than attempting a literal representation. It was kind of fun. I'll post them when I've finally digitized them.

And I've been a busy little social butterfly. I'm now on Twitter and Inkteraction, I created a group on Facebook for Printsy, still keeping Printsy's blog up to date, joined a few more Flickr groups.

And I've been spending much mental effort cogitating some ideas for different uses of printmaking. Nothing concrete yet. I think I need to get the big block carved first before I can get onto the next project. Anything else I want to do just involves carving anyway, and I like to get what I'm carving just done before starting on carving something else.

Oh yeah, and I just bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet and finally got it installed. I'll be playing with that I think tomorrow. Along with my Beginning GIMP book at my side, I'll start putting some of these ideas into illustrated form soon, I hope!

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