Saturday, March 8, 2008


Field & FlowersField & Flowers by Katka

This world of the internet is quite amazing. I had a wonderful "play date" with another printmaker that I met through Wet Canvas on Friday; we got together and chatted for at least 3 hours about all sorts of stuff, including art, inspirations, techniques & motivations. Kate's work has a very illustrative quality to it, with Eastern European influences that give it an almost folk-tale feel. She protests that she's really just getting started and doesn't have the same experience as I do; well, she doesn't have the luxury of time that I do (even though I don't use it as I should!). I think her work stands her in good stead, and I'm very excited to see what she continues to produce when time permits.

Through my musings on "slow art", I met another artist and creative person, with whom I had a delightful and fascinating conversation, again about our art and thoughts about creativity. Luckily for me, she fell in love with my "Crossroads" print, which resulted in my very first Etsy sale! The print was shipped off this morning all packaged up to keep it safe during its travels. I hope that it is enjoyed in its new home.

Triad by Heather Assaf

An artist that I met through my response to Genn's "Print vs Reproduction" is an Ottawa-based printmaker who also showed in the inaugural Ottawa School of Art impression:Miniature international print exhibition in 2006. Her work is very dynamic and colourful, predominantly using collagraph and intaglio, in an abstracted and loose manner. She's planning a trip out to Vancouver this spring, so I'm hoping we can connect to do a gallery crawl on Granville Island while she's in town.

In the Shadows (Ptarmigan)
In the Shadows (Ptarmigan) by Sherrie York

Finally, a comment on a recent post lead me to artist Sherrie York in Colorado, who is a brilliant illustrator, watercolourist and printmaker, also in relief. While her watercolours are lovely, her linocuts, to me, really sing. The fluid gestural quality of her lines, the extremely sophisticated and subtle use of colours and shapes, together with her incredible sense of composition create absolute masterpieces of natural history in print art form. She also has a blog, which I'll certainly be keeping a watch on; her field sketches are delightful gems capturing life in its essence, and she posts those, along with her photographs, paintings and prints, regularly. She's giving a field sketch workshop this July in Colorado, that, if I had unlimited funds to travel, I'd be signed up for in a shot. Thanks for contacting me, Sherrie!

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