Sunday, March 9, 2008

Printmaking Artists

For a while, I had a link list on the right-hand panel of my blog showing many printmaking artists that I've discovered on the internet. The list got unmanageable, so I thought I'd add the list to my Squidoo lens "All About Printmaking", which I'd originally created as a "go to" for printmaking arts, techniques, supplies, etc. That got unmanageable pretty quickly, too, so I've now created a brand new Squidoo lens, "Printmaking Artists on the Web". I'll try to add to it on a regular basis, as many of the people listed have links to other printmakers. Plus, more printmakers keep contacting me about the "Print vs. Reproduction" post. So much for the comment someone threw at me a few months ago that "print is dead". Hah!

As a result of discovering all of these printmakers online, I've also found more printmakers' profiles on Flickr & Etsy, so I'm planning on creating two new lenses devoted to printmakers on those sites, too. But that will be sometime in the future; it takes ridiculous amounts of time to set these things up, and I've certainly wasted enough time on the internet the last few days.

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TrueFliesBlogger said...

Wonderful that you've compiled the info and posted the "Printmaking Artists ..." page. Thanks for including me (saw myself listed under my Etsy shop name, tepimade).

I've had a similar experience--finding a few printmakers on the web has led to finding many, many more. And also led to some wonderful collaborative projects.

Enjoying your blog. Print on!