Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lessedra 2007

Kinsol II
Kinsol II
Technique: relief print
Media: Speedball water-soluble relief ink on Strathmore Bristol
Dimensions: 4"x3"
Year: 2006

I was one of the many international artists accepted into the Lessedra annual mini print exhibition in 2007. This year, they upped the fee to US$70, and it's a bit steep. Basically, you get a great catalogue at the end of the show, but it's kind of like vanity publishing, I reckon. I don't know that anyone who applies gets turned away, and other printmakers who've entered feel that way too.

That said, entering last year's competition just paid itself off! I had a lovely email from a lady in France who'd seen my Kinsol II print in the catalogue and decided that she really wanted to buy it. I sent her my Etsy link, and the next day she purchased it! Too bad it didn't happen a couple of weeks ago; I didn't bother entering Lessedra this year because with BIMPE & the Ottawa mini print, I just couldn't justify the entry fee. Maybe next year... :)


Angela said...

Hey Amie! I certainly wish that places to post art did not cost so much. Ekkkkkk! Thanks for sharing with us! Wonderful post!

Michelle Turbide, Vermont Printmaker said...

congrats on the sale Amie!

Kerry said...

I hate "pay to play". It's nice to be chosen, if they aren't just chosing everyone that has $70.
Nice work! I'm blog surfing a bit today and glad to have found you.