Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lessedra 2007

Kinsol II
Kinsol II
Technique: relief print
Media: Speedball water-soluble relief ink on Strathmore Bristol
Dimensions: 4"x3"
Year: 2006

I was one of the many international artists accepted into the Lessedra annual mini print exhibition in 2007. This year, they upped the fee to US$70, and it's a bit steep. Basically, you get a great catalogue at the end of the show, but it's kind of like vanity publishing, I reckon. I don't know that anyone who applies gets turned away, and other printmakers who've entered feel that way too.

That said, entering last year's competition just paid itself off! I had a lovely email from a lady in France who'd seen my Kinsol II print in the catalogue and decided that she really wanted to buy it. I sent her my Etsy link, and the next day she purchased it! Too bad it didn't happen a couple of weeks ago; I didn't bother entering Lessedra this year because with BIMPE & the Ottawa mini print, I just couldn't justify the entry fee. Maybe next year... :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Amie! I certainly wish that places to post art did not cost so much. Ekkkkkk! Thanks for sharing with us! Wonderful post!

Michelle Turbide, an artist on a soul journey said...

congrats on the sale Amie!

Smarty Pants said...

I hate "pay to play". It's nice to be chosen, if they aren't just chosing everyone that has $70.
Nice work! I'm blog surfing a bit today and glad to have found you.