Monday, August 6, 2007

Miniature Challenge

I just discovered Wet Canvas!, an internet artist community with amazing stuff. One of the groups is the Miniature Art section, and in there they have a monthly challenge. I decided what the heck! They post a few different photos, and you have to produce a piece that is no larger than 12 square inches in any media, based on at least one of the photos. So this was my contribution:

New Castle Lighthouse photo by karenjh
Dimensions: 10cmx6cm (roughly 4"x2 3/8")
Medium: Relief block print carved from vinyl/synthetic block, Speedball water-based ink, printed on Strathmore Bristol paper. Haven't finished the edition yet, so I don't yet know the size.

I'm rather pleased with the texture of the clouds & sky, and I was delighted at the texture of the lighthouse itself. While the original is actually of stone, this has the feel of a wooden structure, which is kind of neat.

Monthly challenges are a great way to get the old gears moving. I get stuck in a rut; not so much that I have no ideas (I usually have plenty) but I don't necessarily know where to start or which one to work on. I find that I prefer to figure out a way to do something first before I tackle it, then progress through it. I suspect that comes from my scientific background!

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