Saturday, April 5, 2008

Adventures in Lithography, Part 3

The final step in the print was a flat of very light, slightly yellow neutral background; almost like a pale parchment colour. This was achieved by just inking the stone right over the prepared drawing, which provides me with the opportunity of working back into the image in the future. I'd like to maybe try reworking the mid-values to try to get a just-brown print. This isn't a great image - I'll have to retake it one day when it's sunny, but you get the idea.

Back to the Land

I've been asked to donate a piece to the Federation of Canadian Artists fundraiser "Paintings, by Numbers", so this will be what I donate. It's a neat event: artists donate works of a certain minimum value, and supporters purchase tickets. The tickets are drawn randomly, and the first purchaser has choice of 60 works of art; the second has 59, the third 58, etc. The last ticket drawn, obviously, gets the last piece of art on the wall, but there's also a "consolation" prize for being drawn last. Last year it was a weekend trip for two I think to Painters' Lodge in Campbell River, or something similar. The event sold out for this year within a month of last year's event completing. Should be lots of fun! I was timekeeper last year, and I hope to do that again this year. Each purchaser has only 2 minutes to make their decision; my job was to make sure that they didn't go over that limit. There were lots of incredible pieces available last year; I'm looking forward to seeing what will be available this year. There was some potential controversy about me donating a print to a "painting" event, so we'll see how it goes. It looks so incredible in real life, if I do say so myself, and Dave will build it a beautiful frame, plus it's such a large piece; I don't think there will be a problem.


Beth said...

What a neat opportunity, and a very cool event. Whoever gets yours is a lucky person!

I really like the addition of the tone. Especially given the subject matter, the older look of it seems very appropriate.

eraethil said...

Sounds like a great event. Your litho print looks great Amie! I hope they will be careful to explain that it is an original hand pulled print, rather than the "G" word. ;)

The Wandering Blues said...

Jeeez, Amie. You never cease to blow me away. Next month I'm taking a 3 day solar plate class from Dan Welden himself, so hopefully I can expand some boundries!

BTW- is it just me, or have a noticed a great number of talented printmakers in the Great White North?

Anonymous said...

Amie -

This is the best step by step explanation of lithography I have seen. Thanks so much! That event sounds like a lot of fun too.