Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have actually been doing a little art, here and there (a little more this week, but we'll get to that in another post); I've just not had a lot of enthusiasm about posting. I spend most of my day on a computer for work, and I have two weekly posts over at Printsy, so by the time my "spare" computer time rolls around, generally I would rather play with GIMP, or catch up with the Reader (yeah, I know, I've not posted anything about that, either, but there have been some good ones, so hopefully I'll be able to pull together something for you on that next week). So, this blog suffers. Bad, Amie, bad.

Well, I had three birthdays (two within days of each other in April, one at the beginning of May) to come up with cards for; fortunately, two of the recipients aren't fussy and were happy with the same card. I took two of the images that I'd played with in GIMP, and turned one

Amie Roman as burnishings on Flickr
Goofy Murri - digital drawing
© Amie Roman

into a very "quick & dirty" relief print:

Amie Roman as burnishings on FlickrGoofy - MDF block print, Dremel carved
Daniel Smith water soluble inks on card stock
© Amie Roman

and the other:

Amie Roman as burnishings on FlickrSitting - digital drawing
© Amie Roman

into a watercolour:

Amie Roman as burnishings on FlickrSun Spot - watercolour
© Amie Roman

All cards were enthusiastically received, and I'm safe for another year (oh, well, until Christmas...)


barb said...

Hey Aime
i just made up an account on here and i am not sure if my previous post was sent. ANYWAY you have a great blog!! congrats on your award of merit! this is Dundarave barb snyder...see you soon, possibly? cheerio, b

Unknown said...

Hi Barb - hope you come back to check this 'cause I don't have an email for you. Glad you found me!! Will keep an eye on your ID to see if you set up a blog.

I'm at the Delta Art Council's Gallery in the Garden on July 12 (Sunday), in Ladner, if you're around and interested, it'd be great to see you!