Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pig finished

I spent the last few days finishing off the pig print, and it's finally done today. The more I work with the MDF and the Dremel tool, the happier I am with them.

This print was done with the Daniel Smith water soluble relief inks. I am very happy with their performance, too. I don't think that those inks were slipping during my Xocoatl print, but I am now positive that it was the black linoleum stretching instead. It's printed onto cream Rising Stonehenge paper; the colours of the photos are a little off. So if you look at the paper as being cream, that'll give you an idea of what the print should look like; these photos are a little too cool/blue.

The second colour was a pink made by mixing some permanent red and a little yellow ochre into the pink I'd used in the first layer.

The fourth layer is about 50/50 ink/medium mix, with mostly yellow ochre and a very little amount of burnt umber. I wanted the pink to come through more than if I'd just used yellow ochre straight out of the tube.

The final layer is a dark brown made up of quite a mix: there's a wee bit of phthalo blue, some yellow ochre, burnt umber, and a bit of mars black.

I'm very pleased with this print. I feel that I really captured the pigginess of the sow. I really like the colours that I used, too.


Barbara Carr said...

Great pig, Amie! I can almost hear her snorting.

Unknown said...

Thanks Barbara!!

Eraethil said...

This one is gorgeous! She must be a popular piggie. ;)

Katka said...

Wow! What a great pig! Your work has a looseness and spontaneity I really admire. I love the whiskers (are they called whiskers on a pig?)

Unknown said...

Thanks R & K. I don't know why they wouldn't be whiskers on a pig! I mean, their bodies are covered in bristles, but I think that they'd have whiskers on their faces. :)