Saturday, May 10, 2008


Bare Branches II, single block relief print
3"x4", Speedball water-soluble inks on Strathmore Bristol 2006

I put two prints into the recent International Miniature Print Exhibition at the Ottawa School of Art, and both of them sold! The gallery/school has been less than brilliant at communicating anything to any of the participants. I had to find out that I was accepted through a printmaker in the area who went to the exhibition and let me know (and took photos of the exhibit itself). I had to find out that I sold one piece from her email, and another piece from my Aunt's email to me after she and her son had visited the show. I'm happy that I was accepted and thrilled that my work sold, but really, a little communication on the part of the organizers wouldn't kill them. Ah, well!

Where the Lilies Grow, reduction cut relief print
4"x3" (approx.), Speedball water-soluble inks on Strathmore Bristol, 2007


Diane Cutter said...

Super news, Amie! Both are lovely and deserve an appreciative home. Congratulations!

Lana Lambert said...

Unfortunately, it has been my experience that such a lack in communication is universal in the art world. It seems establishments can get a little annoyed at artists calling to find out the latest news about their work and admittedly some do go a little overboard with being obsessive, but generally I've found communication in group shows a offish. I recently sent out work to be featured in a show in Suffolk VA and signed a paper saying the museum's insurance would cover damages in the event of storms aka "ACTS OF GOD" and the like. They had a few tornados come through a couple of days ago and I didn't bother calling because I figured everyone else and their mother was doing the same thing and plus I was covered either way. Anyways, I got an email saying everything was okay like 5 days after the fact! :) Congratulations on your sales!