Saturday, May 7, 2011

International Print Day


Get out your squeegees and spitstickers, resin boxes and liquid tusche, presses and barens, ladies and gentlemen it's International Print Day!! Whatever your printmaking passion, press on, boys and girls, and get some ink on paper today! Share what you've done - make a comment (although be patient; I've had to moderate comments because of all the spam) and send a link to your work from today. Share it with MPC Fine Art Club's printmakers on the Print Day in May blog (they're the group who got the brayer rolling back in 2007), and mark the first Saturday in May in your calendars for next year so that we can be a little more coordinated about it!


Anonymous said...

did you print on Saturday? If so, let us know!

Lindsy said...

Hey, I chanced upon your site after googling 'Why Printmaking?' and would like to ask you a few questions as I am in a delimma on Painting or Printing as my major. Do you paint? Do you consider yourself a painter? and why printmaking for you?

Thankyou x

sony said...

International Print Day!! thats good news!!

Unknown said...

Hi Lindsy,

Sorry for the delayed reply... I meant to respond then it got lost in my inbox :(

I do paint, but I found that printmaking really captured my style better, and that I had a better intuitive understanding of the tools and processes more so than with painting. I use painting once in a while to either do something quickly, or because the image I've got in my mind would be more interesting interpreted in a painterly manner.

There are a lot of techniques to be learned both in painting and printmaking, but I think from a "value added" experience perspective, if I had the opportunity to choose between majoring in printmaking or painting, I'd choose printmaking. In college, you'd get to have access to way more materials, expertise and techniques than you will once you launch your artistic career at home. Unless you've got your own press, I'd suggest taking advantage of the printmaking facilities at your college while you can.

But that's just me :) Having never taken any art at college (my degree is conservation biology), I don't have any actual first-hand experience one way or the other. Perhaps others have an opinion they'd like to share? You might also want to check out Inkteraction to post your questions.

Good luck with your artistic directions, and happy painting/printmaking!