Saturday, March 7, 2009

Been sick... again

Finally recouperating from awful cold/flu. Again. Hung the Escape Artists group show yesterday afternoon (along with generally running around crazily) and had the opening today. Did a little printmaking demo which seemed well appreciated. Will post photos tomorrow - not coordinated enough to have camera and cable together with laptop... yes, one would think that each of these things would be portable enough to come together relatively easily, but am lazily catching up on my Google Reader (142 entries since my last post yikes! you guys have been busy!!).

1 comment:

Tracey said...

oh no another cold, cold season has go to end soon, right??!?!?

Your show looks like it would have been a blast & I am POSITIVE chocolate is great for colds, or is that bad for colds, no must be good for colds :)

I just peeked around your website again and saw Queen of... I must have missed the final version on your blog, I really like how it turned out :)