Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the "Year in Review" bandwagon

I wasn't going to do this. I am tired of hearing "year in review" news, in general. Then, I figured, I need to remind myself of the cool stuff I managed to accomplish this year. I was feeling pretty low about how much art I accomplished this year. Or rather, felt that I'd not accomplished. Well, considering I was busy traveling around to the Cariboo, Vancouver Island, Washington a couple of times, and working quite a lot, what the heck!

Here are what I created in art this year:

1. Playing with new inks - Crows, 2. Cryptic 3, 3. Truth (after Allward), 4. Justice (after Allward), 5. Returning to the Land, 6. Xocoatl final, 7. Xmas 2008 - Final layer, 8. "Queen Of..." Final, 9. Tulips, 10. Rococo Parrot Tulip, 11. aspen sketch, 12. BHCB male, 13. WETA female - head, 14. WETA female, 15. Sow, 16. Sow extreme closeup!

Not only that, but I did manage to sell some stuff, too! My first three sales on Etsy:

Plus, I got into BIMPE for the first time this year (the first time I applied, I was declined), and sold one of the pieces I'd submitted:

I met so many incredible printmakers and artists this year, both in person and online. I joined Printsy, a Etsy Street Team for printmakers on Etsy. My shop has since lapsed, but I'm working hard to get some new stuff ready to upload for sale, hopefully by the end of this week.

Dave bought me a fabulous Richeson baby press as an early birthday present during my first visit to Daniel Smith in Seattle, then we were lucky enough to discover a Conrad combo press on eBay (thanks, Susan!!) just north of Seattle. I went from owning no presses and hand-burnishing all my prints to owning two presses!

I participated in my first open air art market. And I sold a couple of prints there, too!

I was asked to contribute to my first Paintings by Numbers event for the Federation of Canadian Artists:

And I became a board member for the FCA, too!

So, all in all, a surprisingly productive year. Here's looking to 2009 (which just started here) to be a more productive and art filled year!

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