Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Printsy on Etsy

A few fellow printmakers with work on Etsy have banded together to form a new group ("Street Team") to promote printmaking and, of course, each others' fabulous work. We've got a new blog called Printsy: Printmakers of Etsy. We also have a Printsy group on Flickr.

Sparrow #4, Marissa Buchow, moku hanga print

Every Monday, the blog will feature a different Printsy artist, with information about their printmaking technique, style, influences, challenges & successes. This week's feature is about Marissa Buchow, "fustian" on Etsy, a moku hanga artist whose love of nature is beautifully expressed in her delicate work.

If you're a printmaking artist with a store on Etsy, please check out these pages and join up!

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