Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Intro to Relief

I had a very pleasant session with a lady from the Port Moody Art Association as a result of my demo in November. She had signed up for a relief course through Emily Carr to start this month, but apparently there weren't enough people who had registered so the class was canceled. She was wondering if I'd mind giving her a one-on-one class; would I?! That's my favourite kind! Well, actually, I just like teaching generally, but I definitely enjoy one-on-one. So we had a three hour introduction to relief printmaking. She managed to carve a good portion of her block, enough to be able to proof it and get an idea of what it looked like. I think she enjoyed herself. She also does beautiful, fluid, life sketches from models; apparently there's a group she belongs to in Coquitlam that meet weekly for life drawing. Anyway, I gave her a piece of high-density blue foam insulation to take to her next life drawing session to draw directly into that with a hard pen/pencil/dowel, then print that, and she was most intrigued. I hope that she comes back for some further help; I really enjoyed it, and I've got lots left to explain!!

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