Monday, November 12, 2007

Next stage

So I spent all night last night fiddling with my Adana No. 2 4x6 (while the link is to a five-three, the image is very similar to my press) and my new sample inks from Faust Inks. Here is one of the better results (Faust AquaLine ink printed on Rising Stonehenge white, 245 gsm) from my last reduction plate:

Copy Cat II

The Faust "Relief Ink" was very stiff - almost like an etching ink. I didn't have much success with it, as I couldn't seem to get enough layers going. I suspect it might work well for my wood engraving, whenever I manage to get back to that again. And dampened paper really didn't work with water-soluble ink (although the paper was no longer wet, it still had moisture in the fibres). The Faust "AquaLine" ink has a beautiful buttery consistency, but it's kind of smelly (which doesn't do me any good). I seemed to require a lot of layers to get the ink depth required, and that strikes me as odd. Finally, I tried the Graphic Chemical ink again, and am just not happy with it. Sigh. I've had suggestions to try Akua Intalgio, so I'll maybe order some to try it, or see if anyone nearby has some that I can steal a small sample of.

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