Monday, November 19, 2007

More Me on the Web!

Originally uploaded by Amie Roman

I just created a "lens" on Squidoo - a lens is basically a page with information about something. Surprise, surprise, mine is about printmaking. I invite anyone who is interested in printmaking to check it out - Printmaking - all about techniques, tools & artists. If you have a link you'd like to add, there are lots of sections where you can add stuff:

* Techniques
* How to links
* Printmakers on the web (either a website or blog)
* Printmakers on Flickr
* Printmaking supplies
* Printmaking competitions (or competitions that are open to original art prints)
* Print studios, workshops, ateliers, groups
* Online printmaking communities
* Magazines, publications
* Online sales opportunities
* Books on printmaking through Amazon

Please have a look and add as much content (you do have to be a Squidoo member*) as you can find on the web to do with printmaking! I'd like it to end up being a one stop shop for printmaking artists, and people interested in becoming printmakers, or learning a little about printmaking techniques.

*Basically, all you need to do is give them your email & create a user name; the terms of service are applicable, but pretty much only affect you if you create a lens. You can sign up just to contribute to other people's lenses. If you're not comfortable about signing up to Squidoo, post a comment here about any links you find that you'd like added to the lens.

I also now have a Flickr account, so you can see photos of my under my Flickr username Burnishings.


marja-leena said...

Annie, I've been reading your blog for a little while so feel I should say Hi! and a big congratulations on setting up a site devoted to printmaking (something I've thought of but never done)! Keep up the good work!

Amie Roman said...

Thanks Marja-Leena! Please feel free to add stuff to the lens - I need some more print techniques defined, but there's lots to choose from to contribute to!

marja-leena said...

Amie, apologies for my goof with your name! Thanks, I'll give it some thought and see what I can contribute.