Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Print Book Project Flies Home

Last year, my printmaker buddy Sherrie York sent to me a little book in the mail: Jill Bergman's Little Print Book Project. Well, I was right in the throes of new mommy-hood, and was completely hopeless with pretty much anything at that point. I eventually managed to coordinate with other printmakers around here (Cowichan Valley, Victoria, and Richmond, BC, and Bellevue, WA) to contribute, then finally I managed to send the book off to AnniePod in Philadelphia, PA, who also sent it to Tuckamore Design in Buffalo, NY. You can see the final book at Jill's blog Art on the Page.

Thanks to everyone who contributed; it was a treat to see all your pieces, and what a fun way to connect with other printmakers.  Thanks, Sherrie for thinking to include me, and thanks Jill for getting the ball rolling in the first place!  I hope your other books come back full of lovely prints and more contacts.
PS - Jill is still looking for contributors - if you're interested, visit her blog for contact info.

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Jill Bergman said...

Thanks Amie- it turned into a great little book and a fun project!!! Thank you for your help! :)