Monday, November 30, 2009

Jeanette Jobson - Illustrated Life

Jeanette Jobson is a talented and prolific artist living on the exact opposite coast from me, in Newfoundland. Earlier in November, Jeanette posted a request for input on her blog, Illustrated Life. She was wanting to create some cards reproduced from her beautiful original artwork, and was interested in her readership's response. In return, Jeanette offered a gift package of some of her cards to one of the readers who responded.

What is somewhat ironic is that I've fallen way behind in my reading of other artists' blogs lately, and had only that day caught up on a bunch of them after months of neglect, one of which was Jeanette's blog. I decided to throw my two cents worth in, and posted my vote for my favourites. The result? Jeanette just informed me that my comment was the randomly chosen winner! I will receive three beautiful cards from her choices, plus a card from her recent "Merry Christmas Hares". I'm very excited, and honoured at Jeanette's generosity. Thanks, Jeanette - and as a token of my appreciation, there's a little thank you on its way to Newfoundland!

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Jeanette Jobson said...

Amie, its always a pleasure for me to share with others. Its what makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you.