Sunday, January 20, 2008

Collaborative Beginnings

oceans ten
Originally uploaded by Andrea Pratt

Andrea Pratt, AFCA, is an accomplished acrylic painter whom I met through the Federation of Canadian Artists, but also through this blog. She commented on one of my posts, and as a result of her comment, I thought I'd get in touch with her to see if we could do a skills trade, a collaboration of techniques and knowledge, so that we could each learn something new. I greatly admire her work; she has a very distinctive style, and I love her use of symbology and theme to develop her imagery. We met on Friday to have a brain-storming session to see where we could take our interests in each others' work. I'm very excited because I feel that I can utilize some elements of her methodology and incorporate them into my printmaking. I agreed to be a test subject for her regarding the development of a teaching module so I'll be working on an acrylic painting based on her techniques, but I'm definitely going to be working on prints, too!! Its quite ironic - Andrea indicated recently in her blog that she's stuck inspirationally; I have been too, but I think this collaborative effort will help to unglue my inertia.


andrea said...

Thanks, Amie. I loved seeing your work up close -- wonderfully intricate and beautiful and so much better in person -- and I look forward to what we might saccomplish!

Anonymous said...

She does wonderful work Amie! Thanks for sharing her outstanding work with others! *HUGS*
Angela Taylor