Sunday, December 16, 2007

Periodic Table of the Elements

I discovered this project this summer after people had signed up and started to send in (I was too late to join, pooh), but was drawn back to it again by someone on Wet Canvas printmaking forum. Wow! What an incredible project! Such a neat idea, combining science & art (of course, a concept near & dear to my heart) in such a fabulous way. This is a snapshot of some of the work, please click on it to view the whole project and details thereof:

None of these are my images, please go to the project site for details about the artists and the pieces themselves.

Check out how many of these artists are or were scientists - how cool is that?! Personally, I figure that to be a good scientist, especially an experimental scientist, you do have to have a certain level of creativity, otherwise how could you possibly create intricate experiments and problem-solve from unique and different perspectives? I'm never surprised (but I am delighted) when I see an artist (especially a printmaker) who was once in the sciences.

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Staci Rose said...

This is so geeky, nerdy, artsy, kool! :D