Monday, May 18, 2009

Blog 10,000!

Thank you, ladies & gentlemen, for the 10,000th visit this week, to this blog!

I'm just back from a weekend camping trip and have a pantload of non-art work to catch up with, but I am going to the opening of the Open Print Exhibition this Thursday, May 21, from 6-8 pm at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island - I shall post about that after; both Mom & I have work accepted, and this is Mom's first second (sorry!) juried show acceptance:

Stable Mates
reduction block print
Daniel Smith water soluble inks
© Betty A. Cavin

Amie Roman as burnishings on FlickrPays d'Hiver
linocut print
Daniel Smith water soluble inks on grey Rising Stonehenge paper
© Amie Roman

Hope to see you at the opening!


Marcy said...

absolutely stunning prints-- congrats to you and your mama! did you learn printmaking from her or she from you?


Justin Miller said...

Congrats on being so popular. It is no wonder why with such beautiful work. I just recently was admiring my impression of Pays d'Hiver. That is one gorgeous little print.

Unknown said...

Thanks Marcy - actually, I was printing first, and Mom was totally "why on earth would anyone want to do reduction, I don't get it!!" until I actually showed her the process, then she was hooked. She's very puzzle- and problem-solving oriented, so reduction really appeals to her, as it does to me.

Justin - thanks very much. I sure like my impression of your Winter Aspen. I am fascinated by the number of printmakers I've run across who also find the inspiration of aspens just too enticing to ignore :)

Anonymous said...

It must be the lure of the "white stripes" in these trees! I have dug out a really old, stained photo of Swedish birches which I want to use for lino.

Unknown said...

I think you're right, moreidlethoughts, there's something very compellingly graphic about their pattern, repetition of shapes & values - thanks for popping in & commenting!