Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not Quite Disappeared

I haven't yet fallen off the face of the planet. In July, our work became so busy that I was back at it pretty well full time, then harvest season kicked in on top of that, so my spare time has been next to nil. We've been traveling a lot too - the Island, the Cariboo. And now I'm moving over to the Island pretty much permanently, with commutes back to the Mainland once a month - just the reverse of what we'd been doing for the past year or so.

Hopefully, I'll be getting back into doing some art; I've not done a darned thing since the Four Oceans Press Food Alphabet exchange (which we just received in the mail a week or so ago - thanks for the great prints everyone!).

One of my photos> was just chosen for Schmap's guide of Ottawa. Check it out (you might have to flip through the photos to get to it; it's in the Supreme Court of Canada section).

'Justitia - Walter S. Allward' - burnishings on Flickr

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