Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Sketches

These tulips are actually from our trip to Mom's earlier last month; I've just been away from my computer/scanner for so long that I'd not yet had a chance to scan them in and post to the blog. I go for a month with nothing, and now you're inundated with stuff!!!

I'm really happy with the tulip colour in the first one, but I got carried away trying to get the right colour in the second one, and lost the highlights and obfuscated the line work more than I would have preferred.

Tulips - Watercolour & pen, approximately 7"x10"

Rococo Parrot Tulip - Watercolour & pen, approximately 7"x10"

This one is from my Dad's - it's definitely not at all what I had in mind; this is why I hate watercolour. I don't have the patience to spend the time learning how to use the medium, hence I won't ever really get any good at it. I really had liked the way the dark greens of the spruces made the bright aspen trunks & their brand-new spring green leaves leap out. I was planning on doing a lot of negative painting on that left-hand side, but got a wicked headache from the reflection of the sun off the white paper; how do artist's deal with that? Probably don't arse around as long as I do with their work! Needless to say, this is not one of my stellar moments in art...

Tree sketch - watercolour, approximately 7"x10"

These next ones are from two separate birds that schmucked themselves against Dad's window; both on the same day! Poor things. So I took advantage of their stillness. The watercolours in the second one aren't quite as disappointing as the above tree sketch, but still not quite right. At least the colours are relatively accurate.

Brown-headed Cowbird, male - graphite, approximately 8"x11"

Western Tanager, female - graphite & watercolours
approximately8"x4" and 3"x3", respectively

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